Flat UI

Flat UI is simple so here is a simple explanation.

History of Flat UI

Flat design owes its inspiration mainly to three styles of art, which are the International Typographic Style (also known as Swiss Style), Modernism and the styles emerging from Bauhaus. The International Typographic style is often considered the most substantial influence on flat design and its emergence and popularization during the 1950s and 1960s is regarded as the starting point of flat design, although it would not make an appearance in the digital world for some time thereafter.

Do you even Flat UI?

Below is a list of elements to address if you would to create flat UI designs.

  • "Cool Colours" this means lights shades of the colour you desire. E.G. #14acf7
  • Drop shadows on icons.
  • Inner shadows on text.
  • Multicolour on designs.
  • Either really bold or ultra thin font weights, nothing inbetween.